Sunday, February 23, 2014

and then it snowed

Winter has been long, the wood pile is shrinking and the snow, well it's still getting deeper.    I think that some of the snow on the ground now has been there since before Halloween, there hasn't been a January thaw, and the near normal temps of the past few days don't really qualify as a thaw either. But they will do.    The snow has melted a little, even a few small patches of winter weary grass, and that was often the topic of conversation on my journey today.  The first signs of spring fever are emerging.   My usually well stock pantry is getting to the "make do" stage and it was time for a trip to my favorite grocery, winter isn't over yet.  I loaded  the recycling into the Forrester, inventoried my pantry, wrote a list of what I need and wanted, collected up, parcels than should have been mailed last week, items I needed to return, my stack of coupons and i was off.   Slipsliding across the icy pathway, I finally make it to the relative safety of my beloved "Bertie" and the journey begins.
It is refreshing to not have to clean the snow from my vehicle, "Bertie", and it is very refreshing to hear birds sing, though i am not sure why they are singing, the woods and the fields are still under a deep snow pack.
Under a beautiful blue sky, with clouds are very white and very fluffy.  The melting snow is beautiful, even the dirty patches, the falling icicles are beautiful, even though they are dangerous,  the litter and deer carcasses melting out of the dirty snowbanks...OK, not so beautiful.  Merrily I drive on toward my destination.
My finally errands run, shopping done, recycling all recycled I head toward home and  the beautiful blue sky  and fluffy clouds  behind the silhouettes of bare trees, I feel an incredible lightness of being.considering how much I must haul into the house and put away. I pull into the once  drive, which is no longer covered with ice, and  being dragging in my hoard of necessities.  The sun is beginning to set and the clouds have  a hints of pinks and reds, a splash of orange,as I watch the last bits of color fade into the night sky over a mug of fresh coffee and spice jelly beans.  Yhe rest of my evening will be devoted to unpacking sorting and putting things away.  Weather channel on the radio cautioned that there was more winter weather to come this week, I choose to be in denial about that.  and right now I am too tired to care, but it is a good tired.  And I drift off into a sound slumber.
And so it goes, I awoke to a fresh layer of snow this morning!

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