Wednesday, January 29, 2014

frozen over

The sun is shinning and it is -10F, no really.
Tomorrow it will be barefootin' weather by comparison, seriously it will be may-be 15F degrees.
 When I was a kid, way back in those innocent times when you didn't eve say  H-E double hockey sticks, I would hear the expression, "When Hell freezes over.", which always seemed very unlikely to me, but good if I did because you couldn't be sent there for, beaning cars, or throwing spit balls, putting gum in someone hair or worst of all saying "h..l"  Then I reckoned somehow, that it really meant "ain't gonna happen",
Now that my Internet machine and I have access to old weather records I can see that the weather we are having is hardly new,  not exactly common, but hardly new.  Dangerous, uncomfortable, but not new.
And probably has no connection to any kind of "doomsday" scenarios either. 
Though it seems to me that when i was a kid all winters were like this that isn't true either.
In fact, at least semantically hell has frozen over!!!! 
And there are other mysteries and wonder like these snow rollers snapped by some courageous soul in Northwestern Pennsylvania!!! it would be worth the drive there just to see these, I am sure.
With the relative rarity of these bitter temps and winds it will be most likely a very long time before they see these again. One said hopefully.

In many ways we are cursed by our well ordered life style,  the regimentation of job appointments and other responsibilities,  those "must do" things.  I don't think it was that different when those must do things were feeding the chickens and bringing in the wood from the woodpile, but still it was different. 

But then along comes a wonder, like these snow rollers.

Or the incomparable stillness or a gelid night when sound carries off into infinity.

It is all in the way you look at things, which can be said about just about any situation,

A Pot of soup on the stove, and some bread or biscuits in the oven,  makes the house warmer.
Even though with our energy efficient ranges, it is mostly a psychological thing.   

Getting the chance to stop, and marvel, curse, observe, be a part of something uncommon, and uninfluenced by man, is sweet.


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