Monday, December 16, 2013

the Full Moon before Yule

The  Full moon Before Winter Begins, Long Nights Moon. Long Snows Moon, Moon of Cold. Deer Sheds Moon,   Darkness Moon. Yule Moon, Solstice Moon.  The Druids called this the Oak Moon. The oak is a symbol of strength, the wood is strong,  beautifully grained and splits cleanly, it's a heavy wood the burns brightly for a long time, keeping the hearth and our ancestors warm  through the long dark nights.  The oak reminded our ancestors that strength and endurance were needed as much as hope to carry them through the bleak, cold and stormy season, until the  first signs of spring.

The bucks have begun to shed their antlers and the next generation of deer has started,  for a few more days yet, until the solstice, the days will grow shorter and the nights longer.  It will be awhile before the lengthening days become obvious.  It seems everyday brings more snow and cold, these long nights were just made for long slumbers, long reads, or long contemplations in front of the fire.

the  yule log from Gracie Mansion

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