Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years Eve ramble

new years rockin' eve
and I am in my rocker
watching the snow fall gently
no lights from the highway
no light from the new moon
even if it wasn't snowing that would be true
the last new moon on New Years was 19 years ago
 as I recall
it was a very good year
a new moon
a time of new beginnings
renewed hope
"cause last year was the pits
and not just for me
not sure if i am glad or sad to hear that
Every year, I stay up
every year for more than 50 years
have watched the ball drop
haven't missed yet
don't want to go to Times Square
don't know why I still watch it, either

I make only one resolution
the same one every year
that being
I make a resolution to make no resolutions
so easy to keep

I will make a wish for everyone including myself


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haiku~~~left them there

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