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Lady of Guadalupe, December 12th

Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of the Americas, is celebrated on the 12th of December, the faithful, not all of whom are Catholics make their way through the streets of Mexico City to the
basilicas built on the site where she appeared.   The Basilica of Guadalupe in one of the most visited Catholic shrines.

On December  9th 1531,  a man named Juan Diego, who was one of the early converts to Christianity was walking  along a path near Mexico City, when he heard music.  He looked around and was amazed to see a young woman,  who in appearance could have been one of the young women form his village, she even spoke to him in Mexica, the same dialect he spoke,  she was surrounded by radiant light. The Lady explained that she was the mother of the true God and asked Juan Diego to carry a message to  Bishop Juan de Zummarraga, that a chapel  should be built on the site where she had appeared.  A site reported to have been dedicated to Tonantzin. The Bishop wanted more proof, so Juan Diego returned to the site where upon the Lady gave him a bouquet of roses, which he then took to the bishop, when the Bishop unwrapped the cape that the roses has been carried in,  a picture of The Lady was revealed, the cape is still venerated  by devout Catholics.

Hernan Cortez had brought the Spanish rule only a decade earlier, and though they had destroyed the Mexica's temples , they were still following their old beliefs.  The story of appearance of  the Lady of Guadalupe, with her resemblance to Tonantzin the Mexica goddess,  lead to many Christian conversions.   And a small chapel was built sometime in the 1550s.


Old and new basilicas where Mary is said to have appeared in Mexico City.
Our lady of Guadalupe was credited with many miracles, not only saving the city from floods in1629 and 1634, but also saving it from an outbreak of disease in 1736, in 1745 the Vatican declared her Protectoress of the city, and recognised Juan Diego's vision as a miracle.
The clergy recognised the power of  The Lady to bring into the Christan community, Indians,Africans, Spaniard and Creole communities, her shine was rebuilt in 1695 and rebuilt in Grande Baroque style in1736.  The basilica was rebuilt again in 1904 and again in1976,

guadalupeThe feast of St Lucia falls on the 13th, her name literally means "a holy light", Our Lady of Guadalupe is portrayed surrounded by radiant light.  Tonantzin, is the "Mother of us all" and associated with the moon and the dawn..  All very separate and all united by the date of the winter solstice on the Julian calender, December 12/13. As I look at the beautiful image of The Lady and see details like feathered headdress, corn, a dark crescent moon, roses, crown, the angel beneath her feet, star studded cloak, and cactus I am reminded not only of the skill and creatite joy of the artist, but the symbolism that we are all under the same sun, moon and stars.

Her reign predates the Hispanic takeover of Mexico.
Guadalupe is not now, nor has She ever been Mary, Mother of God. She IS God. She is the holy Feminine Divine. A living goddess who is fervently worshiped as such by millions upon millions of folks today.
Called "La Virgen Indigena," She was once - and still is to Her vast multitude of adorers - Tonantzin, "Our Lady," the great mother goddess identified with the moon, a principal household deity revered by the Mexica and other tribes of Mesoamerica.

I adore Our Lady of Guadalupe. I especially love the passionate adoration bestowed upon her by Her legions of devotees, among whom I am one. And I so admire the charming, endlessly creative images, amulets and altars that She inspires. I call them "Guadalupaneria."
  ~~~~~Donna Henes

many thanks to Momma Donna who inspires me often

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