Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hello October

Hello October!!!!!!!

Just smell the air. Look at the view.   The brilliant blue skys, and the leaves, Wisps of wood and coal smoke, or may-be it's the scent ofburning leaves in the air. The pumpkins. skeletons, ghosties and ghouls, who are carefully arranged on the front porch.  the cornstalks and scarecrows, right next to the gravestones and skull shaped lights along the walkway.
 A new kind of fascination for the kid  we will always be, you know the one to who loves to dress up and walk around with their kids on Trick or Treat night, who savors those days of when  all of the candy and the spooky-cool chills were for them, and who has had their costume planned  planned for months.

Watching "it's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and reciting the lines while we  carve pumpkins, both real and fake ones, and eating candy corn from that extra bag we bought, just in case, because well you just never know and it would be a shame to run out.  And  keeping that in mind, you bought several more bags  so that you have enough until next years  Halloween candy hits the shelves. 
There are those quiet moments when we watch the sky and wonder what it would be like if there really was a Great Pumpkin.  And then realise that as Linus did, we have doomed ourselves to another year of not knowing, because of insincerity, gor in a  brief lapse of  our childlike faith, we thought "if". 

After we have done the grown up chore of cleaning up the pumpkin guts, we can sip a pumpkin latte with  a cider candy garnish, aswe watch the first night of classic horror films and documentaries on the paranormal.    Perhaps one will get a new idea for decorating the kitchen door. Or just doze off. 

Can you feel the magic?  the anticipation, the sorta not right but it's really OK?   The spooky in the the familiar, the sense of stepping off into the unknown or returning to a past time.   The veil between worlds is thin at this time of year.   Or is your imagination growing stronger?

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