Wednesday, September 18, 2013

to the September full moon

  September's full moon ushers the transition,  from the sun and sweat drenched toil to the gathering in, not just of the harvest, but anything that might be needed for the the winter ahead.  that includes storys and song, wisdom and skills, and hopes for the future.  Dame Summer puts on a grand show of colorful foliage, the last fruits, and vegetables of the harvest, and the refreshingly crisp weather  and brilliantly blue skys, that at night are filled with stars.  Soon the Dame Summer will retire, she will pass on her wisdom and stories before she herself  slumbers, until she is reborn in the spring. 

In this place between fading summer and  the start cold and storm, the nights grow longer we gather in what we will need, we gather together for festivities , and sports and just to enjoy the company of others.  Our ancestors  did the same.

September's full moon glows with the crisp air and freshening breezes, leaves rustling softly, even a short walk is a feast for the senses.  I  enjoy the sounds scents and sights of Autumn, even the  crickets chirping.  And when the Grass Drying Moon rises tonight it will peek through leaves that have already started to turn.

Under tonight's Singing Moon, while the crickets sing and remind me to cross the river tomorrow and see if there are any papaw to be gathered under the Papaw Moon. I will smell the the ripening  apples of the Apple Moon, perhaps I will hear hear Deer Paw the Earth Moon, in their homage to The Acorn moon, framed by the the lovely purple flowers clearly seen in the light the Aster Moon.    When I look at this Changing Seasons moon I will think back to gathering Hickory nuts and the spicy woodsy smell of the husks, under the Nut Moon, as the leaves  Of the yellow Leaf Moon rained down on us.  The Moon of Plenty will illuminate the path to the wood shed tonight,  for it is also called the Wood Moon, the pot of stew, made from the vegetables we grew, also celebrated this Seed Moon, and this Barley Moon.  And our days work completed we will raise our glasses to the Wine Moon, and watch the Leaf Dancing Moon play hide and seek with us.

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