Sunday, August 18, 2013


"Generosity is born of understanding want."
~ Anne Moss

"I was really young when my Grandmother died, but what I remember most about her was that she smiled, she was smiling most of the time, she lived in poverty, so did we, and most of the people in that part of town, up until the year she died she planted a large garden, and baked bread, and she always had plenty to share. So did her neighbors. She had been a midwife, and brought many into the world and sat with families while many left this world.  The line of mourners at her funeral was very,very long.  The funeral home filled with flowers and sobbing people. years later when I got a job in a flower shop they were still talking about her, because there were so many arrangements at her funeral that the three shops in town ran out of flowers."

"You have it, the gift of sharing, you know it makes you feel good, in your heart"~~marc from the Rainbow Nation

Not sure why it has taken until now for me to start thinking about generosity, I have always been aware that some people were more generous than others, something you learn as a kid really.  The fact is some people who have plenty to share don't and some people who have very little are always sharing.   It never made much sense to me that people who had the most to share often didn't share anything and some who had very little would gladly share, so at some point I just decided that that was the way things were.

There are plenty of social, religious even selfish reasons that people might from time to time show great generosity, and those who are generous often receive generosity, which is a good way to add to ones chance of surviving lean times.



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