Tuesday, July 23, 2013

and heres a frog

I don't read romance novels or watch soap operas, i don't play video games, or watch "reality" TV, except for "Here come Honey BooBoo", OK, that proves there really is no such thing as "Reality" TV, I don't text and my ear isn't permanently stuck to my cell phone.  No Tweeting or pinning or Ebay...but Facebook, is another story.
There is just a ton of interesting things on there, and I spend way tooooooo much time looking at the pictures.
there are pictures to express my every mood, and.....well

simply clever and cleverly simple


and reminders

gotta love those affirmations when you are feeling low

and in case you needed another reminder
or perhaps permission to revel in your own uniqueness

explanations of the hard to explain

serious stuff





totally wonderful
here's a frog 
who knows he/she is totally wonderful

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