Thursday, May 23, 2013

the Merry moon of May

Tis the merry month of May, and the merry moon of May beams down on those of us who are weary of this years  much too long winter .  The leaves are sweet retuning and the blooms are abundant, the petals of apple blossoms flutter down like rain and the air is thick with the fragance of lilacs. 
~~Farmers Almanac

Sometimes called the Milk moon, or the Flower Moon, this months full moon is a bit closer to earth than usual and will appear larger as it hangs in the night sky.  The moon often appears larger when it is nearer the horizon also.

 Bright Moon, Budding Moon,  Fish Moon, Flowering Moon, Frog Moon,  Green Leaf Moon, Idle Moon,  Leaf Dancing Moon, Lily of the Valley Moon,  Moon To Plant,   Old Woman Moon, Panther Moon,  Peony Moon, Planting Moon, Seeds Moon,  Strawberry Moon,  Wind Moon.

Each night, I  take time to watch the waxing gibbous moon, grow fuller.  One night I was sittng on the back steps and enjoying the the chorus of birdsong as it slowly dissolved into a chorus of peepers,  little frogs who seem to appear and disappear
mysteriously each year. As the sky turned a milky blue the moon appeared and disappeared behind the thin clouds.  The trees have leafed out and form a curtain that the moons light cannot penetrate. So I will not be able to see how large the moon will appear when it first rises,  The breeze picked up and I could smell the lilacs, though only the white lilacs were visible in the gathering dark , a peacefulness has settled over the woods and gardens, a pause between the harsh cold labors of winter and the fevered activity of Summer.  

OH,  merry,gentle,full moon of May

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