Thursday, April 4, 2013

"I do believe theres a Squatch in these woods." he said, and I wonder

One of mans greatest inventions, is the DVR that is built into our TV receiver, it allows me to record programs and watch them while I doing, well not much of anything but watching TV.  So, I recorded  " Finding Bigfoot".  It is certainly entertaining, and yes I do think it is possible there is a Sasquatch.  I remember the stories I heard so very long ago about "the walking bear", which roamed the fields and forests and only appeared to women,  but was not dangerous.   I have never seen it.  Or anything like it. 

I was really interested because I know some of the places  the BFRO team visited in this episode.  Especially the Kinzua Trestle.  I will repeat for my new readers, that it is a frequent destination of mine, and has been for the last 50 years. I have stood on it or crossed it several times every year and in every type of weather and walked many of the trails around it.  
Come to think of it I often feel like I am being watched, but  have seen and heard nothing all that out of the ordinary.  And good readers I have heard that old iron creak and groan, pop and moan for no good reason other than temperature change.   I should dearly have loved to hear whale song broadcast from the observation deck though. It would have been an incredible experience as the haunting voices or whales echoed through the valley. it might have even been better that sharing donuts with a Sasquatch.

As I have said, it is certainly possible they exist. But until I meet one, I remain respectfully skeptical. Respectfully because, well Mr and Mrs B. Foot, could just be nearly human. The current thinking indicates a generally peaceful,  tool using, environment shaping, creature who is stealthy, hides his tracks, has a language, and is well aware of our human tricks. Some researcher contend that a Sasquatch is not likely to be fooled twice by calls and other tricks used to bring them out in the open. Something that bear, deer , turkey and even dogs and cats, don't seem to learn easily if at all. More human than any primate we know of, one wonders if there are any signs of a sense of humor. Or if may-be researchers are reading meaning into something.

Medieval Europe had it's, woodhouse, wodehouse , wudewasa, piliousus. Creatures looking very much like a hairy covered club weilding human. In some legends Merlin was described as one.  It would seem that almost all cultures have a creature, who is not quiet human or more like a ferrel human who could worry the unwaryy traveller.  These could folk tales have a grain of truth in them, not necessarily literal truth though. 

I can remember hearing stories of old Hobos who had lived in the woods since the Depression, no one ever saw them, they were responsible for crude huts along the railroad tracks , rifling through garbage, and petty thievery. I regarded this as tales to scare children.
Some 30 years ago, after moving into a new house, I cleared out many household items that were left by the previous tenant, putting them in a garbage bag and left then in an unlocked shed, I came back a few days later to find 2 silver dimes a nickle and 3 wheat pennies, left where the garbage bag sat. nothing else was out of place and no one saw or heard anything.  

So, what if.....I mean what if one were captured,  a corpse were found, horrible thought if one were shot, which would beg the question if it was murder?
What would you do if you knew where a family group was? Would you tell?
I for one wonder how ethically a kindred species would be treated, and for that reason, I hope we never know for sure. Apparently we have co-existed for a very long time, I hope it stays that way.


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