Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being Silly

Yeah, well some days when I "iz compooterin'" I feel like going for a Swim in Lake Silly. I am not sure of the first time I heard that expression, also  not sure of it's exact meaning, but I think it is something close to taking a actual event and turning it into something ridiculous.   And  that it is not used  in a complimentary way either.
Too bad, because being silly  can be....FUN.
Fun, laughing is fun, I won't tell you laughing is good for you finding out something is good for you can really ruin your enjoyment of it.
Misunderstanding stuff  on purpose can be great fun.  Take for example this British judicial humor , which takes to task the  out of touch upper classes, when a distinguished Judge asked "What are Diana Doors?' for those of you under 55, she was a rather glamorous actress.  and then there are those ubiquitous  LGM, with the acknowledged superior brains to go with their enlarge craniums, to whom our primitive electronic devices are a mystery.  To  poke fun at those who believe or actually are in authority, buy right of their intelligence.  A spin-off of which is making fun of the country cousins.  so expertly done by National Lampoons "Vacation" series
If you are one who whistles past the graveyard, perhaps you find ways to make fears humorous.  though some fears are humorous in and of themselves, when you stop and think about them.
Making fun of our fears has a long been  associated with Halloween


Sometimes a real danger is begs being made fun of, like driving under the influence. though never legal it was once tolerated,  Witches, not so much.
So I  leave it to the reader to interpret this one.

And, then there is that rare  bit of humor with something for everyone.  And it even has a cat.

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