Saturday, February 9, 2013

I got Cabin Fever

The house might be warm and snug on a cold night like tonight, and it is warm and snug, a little too snug. I need room to stretch out.
I can remember thinking that old people like me probably don't get spring fever, one of those things I reasoned in my well informed youth. I stood outside in the snow looking for the last sliver of tonight's waning moon, it was so silent, except for the occasional oof-plop of snow sliding from a pine branch and landing on the snowy ground. No cars or snowmobilers in the distance, not even an owl or a dog, scarcely a whisper of wind broke the still cold air.  Coal smoke, and the metallic smell of near a nearly 0 air temperature, the sky was full of stars.and sadly no sliver of moon. 
The windows of the house glowing warmly golden across the fresh blanket of whiteness, the days are getting longer, and warmer, but the night is still cold.  Warm sunny days and cold nights cause the sap to rise in the Maples, and rising maple sap gets turned into maple syrup.  Those sunny days and cold nights also cause the sap to rise in some, well me anyways.  I stood out there until I was cold enough that it was no longer fun, listening, smelling the crisp air and watching the sky.  I didn't want to come in, but I wasn't bundled against the cold.
Inside there are seed catalogs, warmth, the electronic campfires of television and my Internet machine.   

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