Friday, January 25, 2013

watching the moon grow fuller

~~unknown to me
I have been watching the moon grow fuller and fuller each night as it rises above the treetops, and makes its ascent peeking through clouds and pine trees, illuminating the bare branches.
I watch the moon, it is asomething I  have in common with people who lived millennia ago and with those who will be living millennia in the future.  The same moon that anyone one, anywhere on the earth can look up at, the people who were once a part of my live and those who may-be will be a part o my life in the future. The  many millions of people who also live on this remarkable blue marble, everyone of them are under that same
moon, the same moon I am looking at as I type. 
One of the things that we all share.
"I stretched out my arm to wave to  you,
then I stretched out to other to hug."

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