Monday, January 21, 2013


The January thaw, feels like a bit of magic.  There for a few days  in the coldest part of winter are days of relative warmth that melt away the snow, and bid one come out and play for a precious few days the burden of heavy boots, heavy coats and heavy snow are lifted.  for a few days there is a lightness of being and glimpse of  warmer days to come.  Memory works overtime in a landscape that though more than welcome just doesn't seem real. The bits and pieces of memories that return from our childhood when winter was fun and exciting. 
The thaw. with it's deep and dense snow fog and rains feels so much like early spring, except that the air still has the smell of winter and not spring. And then there is the quiet, very few birds, only the chickadee and bluejay visit my yard.  The rattle of branches in the breeze breaks the silence. "Quiet, quiet the earth is sleeping, it's not time to wake up yet."            The clear skys will soon turn cloudy and the wind will get colder, snow will again cover the hills.  We will sink back into our warm houses. 
And I will stare wistfully out the window.    still dreaming and remembering  those moments that flitted through my brain during the all too brief thaw, when the world was indeed betwixt and between. 

Even on those days when the winds  whistles as it drives the snow sideways  past my window.  Piling it into drifts and turning the world white with it's bitter cold frosting,  the suns rays are getting stronger, and beneath that icy whiteness the earth is waking up.   The late afternoon rainbows travel farther into the house and land in unexpected places. 
I want to wrap my self in my well worn quilt and hibernate until the first sweet breezes of spring.  To dream of those quick glimpses of other times that came flooding back to  me.   A long and peaceful rest....before springtime wakes me.

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