Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas leftovers

"Someday, someday I will have a Christmas tree in every room."   "I will have all of my lights put up on the house before the first cold weather."  though I have come awfully close, neither is a goal I have realised...yet. 
It is all part of the Season of Christmas, which by my reckoning runs from roughly December 5th through Epiphany on Jan 6.
I wonder at people who have the tree and all the trimmings put away before they have finished all the leftovers from Christmas dinner. 
The days after December 25th are the ones I enjoy most, a time to savor  a Christmas cookie or three in front of the tree, while listening to  "What if  Mozart wrote  "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas"", or my favorite carols played on hammered dulcimer.  The exuberance, or the ringle jingle as my little one used to  call it, of Renaissance Christmas music.
Lost in the reminiscences of Christmas past, the hope for Christmas futures, and the warmth of Christmas present.  I can sit on the sofa and watch the tree for a very long time.   
For all of the rushing and excitement one day is just not enough time, it is a celebration with more subtle meanings than can be savored in one day.  By the time the Three kings have made their visit, I am ready for the season to end.
The cards are read, the movies watched and rewatched,  the new ornaments hung on the tree with the old favorites. and it is time.  We have honored all of the traditions, filled our sense sand warmed our hearts and hopefully the hearts of those around us.   Before us are the long nights and cold and snowy days remaining  in January and February.  By the time the first crocus of  March blooms Christmas will seem so far behind us, or so far in the future, most of use won't give it a though, and in the summer swelter, we might either wish for  the refreshing chill or rejoice that it  is still well in the future.  As the leaves begin turning and we select that perfect pumpkin to carve into a Jack-O-lantern we might glance at the calender and reassure ourselves we still have plenty of time.  NOT until the first snowflakes???

Then it is time to carefully pack away the tinsel and trappings.   The brightly colored lights that  shine through the early evening darkness on the drive home warm the deepest part of ones heart and soul.  Are all too soon left off and will only be turned on by mistake, then quickly turned out, may-be.   

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