Thursday, December 27, 2012



Snowing switch off.
Snowing switch on.
It was just that quick.

The fluffy stuff  drifted , then pelted down, at one point it was all but impossible to make out the huge spruce trees, they were hidden by a curtain of  white flakes,

Snow clinging to branches, and starting to accumulate on the road, the traffic slowed. First the coal bin began to disappear and then the tractor. I turned on the Christmas igloo. and swept off the steps.   Soon the fluffy white stuff covered the the tractor, and  the traffic was barely crawling along.

Sunset it seemed had come about an hour early,  and vehicles had come to a standstill, the sounds of traffic now replaced by the sounds of idling engines.  And the white stuff kept falling.

The last bits of wood peeking out of what only this morning looked like a very respectable woodpile now ere covered with snow.  And still the traffic wasn't moving.  HARK! the sound of a snowplow came echoing down the canyon of whitened spruce trees.  And shortly all I could hear was again the sound of falling snow.
I opened the back door and again the snow was piled up against it, I swept the steps and went back inside where it was warm. to watch the news, and the plights of others who were so much worse off than me.

 The Igloo glowed softly through the now gently falling snow, the area under the hundred foot tall spruces had filled up with snow.

Venturing out one last time before I too would crawl under a blanket, I swept away the snow blanketing the steps and walkway.
I swept away the tracks.
And then paused, in the chilly still air to look up into the flakes that were drifting down.

And saw the glow of the nearly full moon through the clouds.

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