Saturday, November 3, 2012

shadows and whispers

The seasons pallet is  softer, greys and browns ,  stark black, and soon brilliant whites, most of the color is in the sunrises, sunsets, and the occasional prismatic colors of sun-dogs. 
The landscape is now filled with  shadows and whispers , though it has been coming for awhile now, the quieting influence of winter is afoot. The extra hour of sleep we get tonight could serve as a reminder that it is now the season of turning inward, it would take someone with the encyclopedic knowledge, and even greater wit of Ben Franklin to invent this mix of economic practicality and personal comfort.
In the morning as sleep sweetly in our beds for an extra hour, dreaming of the books we will read and the things we will finally have time to do, of watching the snow fall on a moon lite night, are like a blanket that separates us from the icy reality.  In the coming weeks as the hours of daylight decrease and the snowfalls increase hibernation doesn't sounds like such a bad thing.


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