Saturday, November 10, 2012

I turned around to admire the cloudless blue sky

Typically cold, but sunny November day and there was only a little more spading to do before I could shut the garden gate, and leave it to sleep peacefully for a few months.   Cold and tired, I paused frequently to look up at the cloudless blue sky  beyond the bare trees, and think to myself what "lucky mud" I am.  I am truly grateful for the  delicious produce that my garden provides, but it also provides solitude and purpose,a place to think and to look for shards and the archaeology of days not so long past and still they are like ancient history to many.
I provides exercise, with near instant reward for mind, body and soul.And like Helga, wife of Hagar the Horrible, I like to tuck it in and say "sweet dreams" to it for the winter.  Having turned the last spade of earth,  and picking up the flowerpot I toss shards and the occasional clay marble into, stepped out onto the lawn and turned around to admire blue of the cloudless sky again, and saw.........

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