Saturday, October 6, 2012

volume of wonders

I've read all the books
but one only remains sacred:
this volume of wonders, open
always before my eyes.

-Kathleen Raine

Truly I am a believer that there is a volume of wonders for us to see, and not just see but ,feel, smell ,taste and hear.  I could say to experience,for there are a volume of wonder that are simply beyond containment. Words,no matter how well written, and pictures no matter how accurately executed can't describe every nuance, and the mind is left to fill in the other details. 

And so it goes when I am take pictures, I can't capture the woodsmoke on the breeze or the distant chickadee,  the way the moss feels under my feet, or the snowflake melting on my cheek.   I can recall these things when I look at a photo, I can tell you what I heard, felt and sensed and may-be even what I was thinking, I can tell you how much something impressed  me or about the memories it  brings back, or try to with my words. 

I can wish you were there with me.


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