Sunday, October 28, 2012

hunters moon

The Hunter's of Huntress' moon will  rise at  about sunset and set  about dawn tomorrow.   In the time of our ancestors this would have been a perfect opportunity to hunt for the wiley nocturnal stags, the leaves were off the trees affording them a better view and a better chance of a successful hunt.
Ah, but then there is Halloween, a night when when witches and bats and ghostly clouds fly across the full moon.  Halloween Full Moons are rare, and this year we will have to  settle for a a waning gibbous, but it will look very much like a full moon, to those who get to see it.  Near the  time of a full moon was probably the only time that  bats were seen flying  about, and if one used their imagination what other sights could be seen. I have gazed in awe at the meteor showers and the clouds sailing past the full moon, listened to the calls of an owl when the  streets which were usually quiet filled with giggling trick or treaters, and watched his graceful and oh so silent escape.
Along the trail of popular history, the full moon became associated with Halloween.  Far out numbering the representation of a crescent , or of a new moon.  After all it only stands to reasons that if we humans can get about better in the full moon light so can all other creatures, or does it?

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