Thursday, August 2, 2012

on this August moon

Call it the Blue Moon if you wish, because there are two full moons this month and one of them is the Blue moon, call it the Sturgeon, Grain, Berry, Corn,Gladiola,Joyful or Dogmas Moon,  LadyMoon beams down on us as we start this month.
It is hot, humid and the tomatoes are dragging the vines down, the weeds have claimed their territory and the night air is thick and heavy.  Here we are at the very height of summer, the lazy afternoons and the haze of heat and dust.  waiting for the relative cool of evening and  the beauty of moonrise.

Sometimes known as the woodcutters moon, I can only guess because the wood was cut  into blocks and split by moonlight, to avoid the heat of the day. Or perhaps this is a romantic notion of mine.  To me there is a touch of romance running through the air on a moon lite August night, all things seem more possible, the stars seem closer and so do ones dreams.
So there is no need to rush, sit on the steps and
watch the moonrise with me, dream of different places, and future things, when the sun comes up there will be plenty to do.  So I will call the first full moon of this August "Awake and Dreaming Moon".
~R. Maloof

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