Monday, August 13, 2012

I hearby proclaim, it to be art


Kurt Vonnegut was thinking outside the box, before there was a box to think outside of.  I was sure of that when I began to understand the concept of being "lucky mud", I just didn't know how much that phrase would change my view of the world. 
I like mud, not tracked thru the the house,  but mud as clay, and mud as garden spoil and, mud as a path. 

Eloquently but in plain English,  this is a truth.  Art is for everyone, and art is by everyone, that does not necessary carry with it the burden of someone saying that it is good or bad art, it is only your art.  It is your expression, your joy,  it wells up from your muse....we are all artists, it is the nature of  this tool making creature that we are to try to  create and declare our individuality.  So let no one tell you it isn't art, it is. Even if no one would pay to see or hear or read it.

"What makes good money makes good Art."~~~~Arlo Guthrie
{"so remember what you paid to get in here"}

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