Sunday, July 22, 2012

National Hot Dog Month

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I have always said that vegetarians can eat hot dogs because there is no meat in them, even though I know that isn't true.  I love hot dogs, boiled in beer with the works, or burned to a crisp and covered with fried kraut and apple butter, or lightly grilled with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. They truly are comfort food, salty savory and sweet all at the same time, I am getting really hungry.  I love those rolling hot dogs, especially when they have  been rolling along for awhile and are thoroughly tanned and a bit chewy...gotta have one of those every now and then during the dark winter months because they smell and taste like summer. 

The average American consumes 60+ hot dogs a year, I consume and relish may-be one fifth that many.. I do know people who eat them every day.  For me a hot dog is an occasion, a blank canvas, which can be spread with any number of condiments, i have even tried them with peanut butter and bacon, but as yet I haven't tried chocolate sauce, apparently the number one condiment chosen by children, when their parents aren't looking.

I know that they are considered unhealthy, in fact they always have been.  I mean how could anything that tastes that good be good for you???  No, don't think i need to talk about that!!  Hot Dogs are comfort food, but they are also happy food.  I remember the excitement of  in the lunch line on the days 'tomato penny soup" was on the menu.  And of course there was spaghetti with cut up hot dogs, now more fashionably know as "Squab".    Having "angels on horseback" at scout camp. Hot dogs are not only food they are a part of the mythos of ones life. 

Do i really have to talk about all of those times we built a fire and roasted hot dogs on sticks and then toasted marshmallows as the sun went down, it didn't even have to be summer.  Hot dogs taste even better when there is snow on the ground.   I am told there is a "healthy" hot dog, other than the "tofu pup", i wonder of if they crisp and turn bacony brown over and open fire, if not one can always smother them with pineapple and ...........

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