Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sorta going around again versus coming to the end of the line???

One of my favorite people, Donna Henes wrote on her Huffintion Post blog "The Wisdom of Circular Thinking" ~~
 got me thinking about the divide between humans and the natural world, there really shouldn't be a divide because we are a part of that natural world,
The natural world is circular, even though most of them are not perfect circles, but human seem to prefer straight lines, perhaps it is our way of separating our selves from Mother earth, asserting our independence form our parent, but them may-be  not. I don't know.   It seems to be possible that straight lines are thought to be good because they are easier to construct accurately, and you need accuracy to build a house that will stay standing.  We humans want to go in straight lines, straight lines of construction and straight lines of though, and straight lines of achievement. The straight line does get you there in shorter distance, and direct, but once you get there what's next.

 Circular paths and thought found in the natural world, if you follow one it will take you through more experiences and then brings you back around to the beginning and the end.. In this "coming full circle"  you are not the same person, because you have undertaken a journey.  You have seen things from many different points, more than you would have with your eyes fixed on a straight line.  And I am not saying that along a straight line there are not opportunities for different perspectives, just that there are fewer of them, and it is more difficult to see other possible outcomes and consequences if one doesn't view  the situation in 360 degrees.  To look at it as a well rounded decision, and to view the knowledge acquired, the journey to the goal and, the methods used, to be at least as important as the goal.

 Every time you take that journey you return a different person, hopefully a smarter, happier and more well rounded one also.

Sorta going around again versus coming to the end of the line???

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