Friday, May 4, 2012

The perigee moon of May

Mays, full moon is known as the Milk Moon, or the Planting Moon, Flower Moon and many other names, this year it is also the one that will be closest in it orbit to earth, and a  mere 221,802 miles away at the exact time of perigee differs by about an hour from the exact time of full moon( May 5 at 10:35 CDT}....but who's counting. On May 19th, the moon will be in apogee or farthest  away from the earth in it's orbit at 252,555 miles.

Some would have you believe that this nearness was the reason for the March 19th 2011 quake in Japan, but if that were the case , we would have a major earth quake  about every 14th full moons, because that is how often a full moon is in perigee to the earth.
We can't call it the Earthquake Moon, or blame earthquakes on it. It does however  make the tides higher and lower, so much so that it can make coastal flooding from a storm worse. It can also make it a mudlarkers' or a beachcomber's dream.

last night I watched the moon rise above the greening tree tops, and it was still daylight.  the man in  the moon seemed to be a sweet, seductive smile,  like he too is anticipating the delights of summer.
Like he too is recalling the memories of the youthful stirrings of love and lust.  Musing about all of the lovers he has looked down on , as they looked back at him and dreamed of their futures. 
And all of the people who gathered around Beltane bonfires, in celebrations of the coming abundance of summer, even if they knew if might not happen.  The man in the moon knows our secrets, and our dreams.

Looking out the window at the faint glow of the waxing moon through the clouds, the glow of a Dreaming  Moon.

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