Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Earth on Being a Mom

                                                                       ~Selena Fox

happy mothers day!

Some 30 years ago, for Mother's day,  my gift was a freshly tilled  patch of earth.  I can remember my excitement, my naive excitement.  at having my own garden.   I Still get that excitement  when i look out over my freshly tilled garden. 
Through good years and bad, I was hooked, my son had his own  little play areas which still occasionally  will yield a plastic horse or dinosaur. 
The time I spend there is prayer, education, and communion for me, the garden and the Mother Earth have taught me  patience and courage and the value of staying the course.   The value of strength of mind and body and the value of tenderness and watching over, the value of knowing when you can only sit and watch, and hope, the value of each new day being a chance to start again, were learned in the garden.
That joy is found in little things and in learning things.  A moment of savoring is priceless, and a jack-o-lanterns smile lights up not only the night,but the heart, the fragrance of preserved strawberries will momentarily at least banish snow, it also taught me.
Out standing in my field is where I learned to love the deep meaning of the changing seasons, reverence for the past and anticipation of the future.

  • Mother Earth lives on the ocean,
  • Mother Earth sails on the sea.
  • I am blessed with her devotion,
  • Mother Earth provides for me.

  • When the grasslands crave for water,
  • And the harvest needs sunlight.
  • These are times when I am helpless,
  • Mother Earth makes all things right.

  • Green trees grow on the mountain top,
  • Birds still sing when the morning comes,
  • Though I treat her carelessly,
  • Mother Earth still cares for me.

  • I am going on a journey,
  •  and I pray all things end well.
  • When Mother Earth looks after me,
  • I will follow faithfully.

~~authors name unknown to me

~~author unknown to me, but  not the meaning

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