Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Snowstorm??? now???

 the morning of
April 23rd

afternoon april 23rd
the morning of April24th

the afternoon of April 24th

On Monday, I was in total disbelief that there could even be a storm that would dump that much snow this late in the season, this from someone who can remember the year when it snizzled on the 4th of July, I was paying close attention  to the forecasts and the sky.  Guess it would be fair to say i was anticipating the huge, out of season storm, my only worry was that there would be ice, otherwise I was excited to see this rare happening.  I can truthfully say i feel honored to have seen this storm.  Couldn't help thinking back to many winter storms I have watched while on this late April day stood outside calf deep in snow, wearing my gardening clogs, and no coat snapping pictures one after the other, i was in awe, and not even a little bit cold.

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