Friday, April 6, 2012

New Leaves Moon

The full Moon of April is traditionally called the Full Pink Moon, for it's resemblance in color to  the soft pink of  wild ground phlox, which appear at this time. The pale pink tint of the moon is, if it is visible, due to the atmosphere, how unromantic!!

It is also known as the Sprouting Grass moon, the Egg Moon, and the Fish Moon

 New Also called the New leaf Moon, though it is usually much later in the month that we see the first leaves here.  It would be more appropriate to call it the Last Snows Moon.

Pictured is the waxing gibbous Moon, early on Tuesday evening.
The frog moon, as small fogs appear and the voices of spring peepers can be heard on warmer nights

Nesting moon, the birds are still courting, and the woods are filled with their songs, but soon the courting will be over and nest building will start.

Here in the woods, April usually starts out more like winter and ends more like summer.  The daffodils that mark the foundations of long forgotten house burst into bloom, as they have done each year, long after the name of whoever planted them is  forgotten,

Last nights nearly full moon, rose latter and shown through  the patches between  clouds.  I usually give each moon a name, a name meant only for this Full Moon, it hasn't been easy to choose one this month, nothing seemed to fit well, so I have named it the  Sleeping Dragons Moon. One never knows what will happen next.

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