Thursday, March 15, 2012

I awoke at my usual time today, but it was still dark, in the days leading up to 'Daylight savings Time, there would have been a faint glow of dawn. I bumbled my way to the kitchen where the coffee is kept. and were the recycling that was rinsed and ready to be added to the bins, and for some unknown reason, I reckoned  a good activity to keep me from watching the coffee perk, would be to take it out to the bins in the unheated mudroom.  Oh Yeah! I was wide awake now.  Through the window I could see drifting above the treetops was the most glowing crescent moon.  I watched it for awhile, trying hard to forget how cold my feet were getting, how cold I was getting. Until first  deep pinks of dawn were begging to show I stood there.

There is something different about today.
A special angle to the light, and waft of soil and moisture, more birds that I have seen, or heard in along time.
I still don't dare to say what I am thinking, wouldn't want to anger the Northwind , who could send the winds of a cold snowy change my way.
But I did buy some potting soil and a couple of plastic planter boxes for my experiment in growing grape tomatoes, however, I forgot to buy the seeds. I will take that as being something Freudian, about not wanting to appear too eager.   On the drive home I noticed  that maples are being tapped, and lawn are turning green.

 And for me,  a day of quiet contemplation, as I pick up the ankle rolling Norway spruce cones that litter the yard. there is a red squirrel scolding me for taking my share of his pinecones.  I guess I should thank him for cutting them down so i can use them for tinder...well may-be not.  Raking up the twigs and other litter will wait for a dryer day.

And then there are the rewards that are less tangible.   The beauty and determination of snowdrops.
Watching birds in flight and,and the lilt of their love songs.  The feel of the earth under my feet.
The joy of seeing a 61st Spring, each one different from the last.

A haiku shared with me by a good friend.

with intricate stitches
loops of birdsong
knit the morning

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ArtSings1946 said...

Beautiful post. I really enjoyed viewing the pictures.

Happiness to all.

haiku~~~bare feet

Walking,walking on no place to go, sights to see walking on bare feet