Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the eggs of the equinox

The spring equinox!!!  On Which one can balance an egg on end. Eggs are a symbol of  new life , and because they hold the wonders of new life, they are mysterious and miraculous.  Eggs carried in a woman's bonnet will yield fine brooder hens, while those carried in a mans hat will become roosters.  Supposedly a young girl would dream about her true love bringing her water to quench her thrust if she were to, at bedtime  eat a hard boiled egg from which the yolk have been removed and replaced with salt.
But I like balancing eggs, some people insist that it must be done at noon. or at the precise time of the Equinox.  However my rebel soul says anytime is good.  No recommendations for what shape or sort of eggs work best, I have balance eggs on everything from plexiglass to the top of a can of pineapple, to wet rocks.  It really isn't as easy as it looks, and there is no telling what surface will work best, today I Tried flagstone, and failure!  Even though I had balacned eggs on it previous years.
Brick, it worked,it was more difficult than I thought, and  ended up needing to get another egg.  Important to note eggs should be raw, but in my experience hard boiled eggs are more difficult to balance.  
Then I tried some rusty corrugated metal, that I was sure would be easy, failure again.       Finally I tried this old pine stump, rotting and spongy I was sure it would be easy to the point of cheating, it made me think again, though it was possible to balance the egg it took many tries.

Egg salad on whole wheat, that sounds like lunch to me!

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