Monday, December 19, 2011

happyness is a warm mug

I love a good cup of coffee , or tea while I look out the window and let my mind wander.  And wandering is the thing my mind does best, it wanders over what I will plant in the garden next year, or what chore needs done first, sometimes it wanders far afield, past the woods and out into the great wide world, back in time,  or to some place I hold dear.  At this time of year it wanders to the days when the sun shines and sometimes the days when it snows so deep that after stoking the fire I go back to bed and pull the covers over my head,  and wonder at the beauty of snowflakes drifting down like feathers. But eventually, the cup is empty and it wanders back to the here and now.

This is my new coffee cup, it is huge as you can see as it has most of the teaspoon hidden in it.  I don't think that a new cup makes the beverage taste any better, but it was just such a great looking rooster and the price was right and there is never enough coffee in my cup on a frosty morning,and give me a chance I'll think up some more stuff.   It is wonderful to wrap my hands around it warmth on a cold morning.

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haiku~~~ left unattended

Motherless kittens out looking for adventure, but finding a meal