Tuesday, November 22, 2011

look inward

At some point during the day from now on until the warmth of early summer returns I will need to rekindle the fire.  It is more than a duty, more than a necessity, it is also magical.  And I can sit and look deeply into them as I would look deeply into my own thoughts.   I feel that it is a part of waiting for spring. to turn inward,  just like the damp and chill forces us indoors. 

Man may claim to have tamed fire , but I believe that fire has tamed man.  That the first stories and may-be even the first conversations were held by the light warmth and relative safety of those prehistoric fires.  There perhaps they though and wondered about the world around them, and their place in it.

Some people see images in the fire, fierce dragons and firedrakes.  The flames are mesmerizing.  They offer only interpretation not answers.  In the crackling fire is represented the  cycle of birth, growth and death, the wheel of the year.
The sparks of an idea, the spark of imagination, the spark of creativity , soothing warmth, and reflection, a quietness of mind....... 


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