Friday, October 21, 2011

Winding down

I think that Gia is growing weary, her patience is wearing thin, she wants only to sleep and renew herself.

She drifts off into slumber and we are launched ahead into winters chill. When something rouses her, we are propelled back into the warmth of early autumn Sunrise comes late and sunset is early, she is impatient for the long slumbers under her blanket of snow.

The end of the growing season, and the beginning of the dark months, make it easy too see why the ancient Celts would begin their New year on the first of November. The old year is done and spent, nothing remains to be harvested, the trees have lost their leaves, nothing grows, it is warm indoors by the fire, but cold and wet outside. In fact the earth is not producing any thing more, neither food or materials for a few months, a time of rest and renewal, and thanksgiving before the cycle begins again. Also it was a time to finish up tasks and prepare for the next year, and winter. And a time to think back and honor the ancestors, those who have left us behind this year

One can still use this time to tie up loose ends, and prepare for the long nights ahead. Looking forward to reading, or working on a hobby or enjoying the company of friends and family. learning something new. and a time to reflect on what has past, and look forward to what might be.

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