Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"there are no old, bold mushroom hunters"

"There are old mushroom hunters
and there are bold mushroom hunters
but there are no old.bold mushroom hunters."

And you don't want to eat any of these, even though you might see a squirrel or a deer nibble on them, they are toxic to humankind.

Over time I have sampled a lot of wild mushrooms, from the tasty and delicate morrell to the "left in the corner to age sweatsox" puffball, the locally popular "pine mushroom" which is really the very tasty field mushroom, the stock from which the common found at the grocery store mushroom is derived.

I read somewhere that the rains from Hurricane Irene would make mushrooms more plentiful. Well they weren't just a kidding. there are mushrooms and varietal fungi everywhere, but i found these behind the tool shed. I was looking for a fairy ring, and there just wasn't one.

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haiku~~~~snow and fog

all seems back and white foggy, snow covers the ground both will be gone soon