Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ivy, friends old and new

The old green Subaru turned down Bone Picker Road, and into the driveway. past a house that looked remarkable like Ivy's. The shop was open, and there were cars parked in front of it, and Ivy's heart lept, she had really driven all those miles by herself. She was really going to see Ramona again, it had been almost 40 years since Ramona married and moved away, they had exchanged letters and photos of children, recipes and emails, the occasional phone call, and now that "we gotta get together and visit" was coming true. Ivy took a deep breath and swung her legs out of the car, and stood up.

The gravel crunched under her feet and she could smell the woods and the ocean of weedy flowerbeds that flanked the path, were a patchwork of color. How often she had told people that weeds were flowers she didn't know the name of, just as Ramona's mother had done.
It felt good to step inside out of the sun, where the air was fragrant with lavender and bee balm, sweet Cecily and oregano. Ivy stopped to admire some jars filled with shards of glass and pottery, as she examined them, thinking how she could do this, as voice said "Welcome to my little shop..."and then stopped stone silent. Before her stood looking pretty much as she had and still wearing cutoff jeans and tee shirts, her now greying hair still twisted into a knot ....was Ramona... but speechless!!!! Ramona was never speechless, well almost never.
Both women started to giggle, then chuckle and soon peals of boisterous laughter echoed around the room, until even the customers had to joined in. tears rolling down their cheeks the girls tried to explain to each person as they checked out that they were old friends, but then by this time the customer had figured that out.

:Come on," the still giggling Romona said" lets go put out the closed sign." they swung the gate shut, and flipped over the "Open" sign over to one that read "Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. ~Rachel Carson" and giggled their way back down the road to the house. Once inside they sat at the kitchen table, eating elderberry pie and they talked, and talked, then talked some more. Ivy finally said "I really need to get going. I want to be home before it gets too dark." OH! yes to be sure, if they don't see you in the attic window, someone will call the sheriff." "If you promise to come back, I will give you the rest of the pie and a big bag of elderberries." "I don't really want to leave, you always were silly, Ramona!"

The drive home seem very short. and Ivy arrived just after sundown. A large white rabbit streaked past her, but Ivy was to tired too be surprised by it. After putting things away she , got her lantern and climbed the stairs, feeling at once incredibly weary and elated over her trip. She fell asleep in her chair.

The first light of dawn, or was it her aching back woke Ivy, and she struggled to her feet and went downstairs ever so slowly and found the Motrin. and made coffee. While she was waiting on the coffee maker she placed the heap of elderberry cuttings into the sink, Ivy startled to see what she thought was a huge White rabbit run across her yard. "That can't be a rabbit!" "There!???" She went to the back door but saw nothing.

The coffee was ready, and hobbling along Ivy took the pie and coffee out side to enjoy. It was a cool morning, refreshing, few clouds and a gentle breeze, And little white dog, staring up at her.
Ivy put her pie and coffee to the side, and to her surprise, the pup, lept up on to her lap and began to drink her coffee, when she took it away from him, he tipped the remains of the pie onto himself and ran away, in the direction of town. Ivy was not sure what to do as the purple tinged
pup race away.

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