Monday, August 8, 2011

I love my boots

These are my fave work boots.
I got them at a Going Out of Business sale, that I found when I turned down the wrong or was it the right street? funny how things like that happen. I don't know if the store had been closed for awhile or what, but it was like something out a Forties movie. with its cast iron dress racks, pigeonhole shelving, ornate tin ceiling. huge old cash register with patterned metal finish, andoiled wood floors. it was no longer 1985, it was more like what imagined 1945 was like. I tried to imagine/remember what it would have been like to be in a Department store in a small town.
Betwixt and between the garden tools, crochet thread, ladies hats and porch gliders. there was an amazing amount of just stuff!!!! o many things to look at.
And there was this perfect pair of size 8 1/2 work boots, just what i wanted.
They cost a whole 75cents!!!! they fit like they were made for me from the very start and they are probably older than I am. I also got some cute Fortys clothes for my then "little guy", red long johns, real silk stockings with seams, and a ton of other good stuff that has all been used up, in the 25 + years since.
This morning, my faithful boots and I tilled the weeds out of the garden.....the way grown-ups play in mud. :)S

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