Friday, August 12, 2011

August moon

"Dame Summer has been hard at work, her brow glistening with sweat, and the hem of her skirts ragged and dusty. She has long since tron the sleeves off her bodice, and now merely braids her hair to keep it out of her way while she works. her jewelry has been left behind, these last few weeks before harvest, there is no time to think of anything but the task at hand.

The soft and bright greens of Dame Summers have turned olivne in the dog day heat, have grown tough and robust as they gather in the suns rays and earths nurturing for the dark months ahead. Even the flowers have become more robust, more vivid. It is easy to see that Dame summer has only a short time left before Dame Autumn to will show her colorful panorama."
~Faerie Seasons

The moon has been high in the sky by the time it starts getting dark, giving it an eerie appearance, as it shimmers there in the clouds and sunset. Each night it gets a bit closer to full.
From the beginning of August, until the end we loose a little more than an hour of daylight, and the average daily temperature starts to drop. There is a change in the air and , the moon knows it too.

August Moon names

Joyful Moon (Hopi).
First Acorns (Pomo).
Ripen moon (Dakota).
Dispute Moon (Celtic).
Cutter Moon (Abernaki).
Dog Days moon (Yuchi).
Corn Silk Moon (Ponca).
Harvest Moon (Chinese).
Berry Moon (Anishnaabe).
Women's Moon (Choctaw).
Mulberries Moon (Natchez).
Middle moon (Potawatomi).
Freshness Moon (Mohawk).
Yelow flower moon (Osage).
Blackberry Moon (Wishram).
Acorns Ripen Moon (Maidu).
Wheat Cut Moon (San Juan).
Lightning Moon (Neo Pagan).
Black Cherries Moon (Sioux).
Yellow Leaves moon (Kiowa).
Edible Corn Moon (Agonquin).
Young Ducks Fly Moon (Cree).
Lightening Moon (Neo-Pagan).
Black Cherries Moon (Assiniboine).
Dog Day's Moon (Colonial American).
Autumn Moon (Taos Native American).
Corn Moon, Wort Moon (Medieval English).
Geese Shedding Feathers Moon (Arapaho).
Feather Shedding Moon (Passamaquoddy).
Dispute Moon (Full Janic), Harvest Moon (Dark Janic).
Big Harvest moon, Heat Moon, Big Rippening Moon (Creek).
Fruit Moon, Drying Moon, Last Fruit Moon, Grain Moon (Cherokee).
Red Moon, Wood Cutter̢۪s Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Green Corn Moon, Dog Days Moon (Algonquin).

Other Moon names : Wyrt, Barley Moon
~Everything under the Moon

Whether you call it the Sturgeon moon, or the Calf moon, or by the name of your choice , the moon will be full on August 13th. Oh, my name for this moon, will be the Summer in a jar Moon, as now the garden is producing more than we can's canning time.

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