Friday, July 15, 2011

Tigerlily Moon

I have spent the last few nights watching the waxing gibbous moon grow to full. The skys have been unusably clear and the the nights pleasantly cool, not the usual heat and humidity that lead me to call this the "Green Bread Moon". Last nights moon rose through a haze of thin clouds, looking soft and other worldly, but just out of 'phocus' in the photo. Reality can get in the way at the most inconvenient times. I watched , and drifted along with it.
The tigerlilies, are so beautiful this year, that when i was out running errands I had to stop and just look at them, and wonder why this wasn't called the tigerlily moon. So onto Google where I found this wonderful list. A list of names I want to add the Tigerlily Moon to.
Blackberry Moon ~other
Little Ripening Moon ~Creek
Blessing Moon ~Dark Janic
Blood Moon ~other
Buck Moon ~Algonquin
Buffalo Bellow Moon ~Omaha, Arapaho
Claiming Moon ~Celtic, Janic (full)
Corn Popping Moon ~Winnebago
Crane Moon ~Choctaw
Dropping Deer Horns Moon ~Kiowa
Ducks Moult Moon ~Cree
Fallow Moon ~other
Grain Moon ~other
Grass Cutter Moon ~Abernaki
Hay Moon ~Cherokee, Algonquin
Horse Moon ~Apache
Hungry Ghost Moon ~Chinese
Little Harvest Moon ~Creek
Little Ripening Moon ~Creek
Mead Moon ~Medieval English
Meadow Moon ~other
Middle Summer Moon ~Ponca, Dakota
Peaches Moon ~Natchez
Raptor Moon ~Hopi
Raspberry Moon ~Anishnaabe
Red Berries moon ~Assiniboine
Ripe Corn Moon ~Cherokee
Ripe Moon ~San Juan, Apache
Ripe Squash Moon ~Agonquin
Ripening Moon ~Mohawk, Passamaquoddy
Rose Moon ~Neo Pagan
Salmon River Moon ~Wishram
Smoky Moon ~Maidu
Summer Moon ~Colonial American, Algonquin
Sun House Moon ~Taos Native American
Thunder Moon ~Algonquin
Wild Red Cherries Moon ~Sioux
Wort Moon ~other
Young Corn Moon ~Potawatom
~~Everything Under the Moon

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