Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stranger than fiction

There were some strange forces at work yesterday.
I had planned a quick trip to the grocery and then an afternoon of picking berries, well not even close!!!!
By the time my boys were done with their wish lists, rationalized by why waste the gas on several trips, I had an all day list of errands, and one of them coming with we because he needed shoes for winter. I should have known there were strange forces at work in the universe then, but I didn't.
I stopped for gas and a can of snuff, and the people ahead of me were talking about getting new windshield wipers for winter.
At the post office the discussion was about Christmas cards and how the new rules would effect them.
Next stop, a fellow who was waiting in the checkout line said he had better things to do than wait in line, this year he was going to ride every possible weekend so that he wouldn't be upset with himself when "the snow was deep".
Next stop, I was asked if I knew anything about woodburning as it looked like a good hobby for this winter.
Next stop was KMart, son got his winter shoes and at my urging, which stopped short of offering to pay for them, some steel toed sneakers to use now.
finally the grocery store, they were having a great sale on Red Rose tea, the tea is pretty good stuff! OK, Ya got me I'm a sucker for those little figurines. I have boxes of them. Anyway I bought several, OK half a cartload of boxes of Red rose, the clerk was chatty which I normally would have liked but he asked me if I was stocking up for winter. NO comment!!!
Homeward bound at last, son was drop dead hungry and suggested we get a hoagie and stop at the marina by the bridge, before he was taken seriously week and I was arrested for child abuse.

The parking lot was empty, we had the place to ourselves!!! I was delighted. He was bummed out because no girls were swimming. He grabbed up the bag of food that I had sent him into shop for since he offered to buy and I just might have committed violence if one more person said anything to me about any season other than the current one; WOW! something in that sack smelled great.
I grabbed my camera, I hadn't seen a single thing worth the effort of taking my camera out of the case.
We found a friendly looking rock to sit on and started to tasted as good as it smelled, may-be better.

There were some ducks near the bridge, so I took the camera out of it's case. At that instant a older, well dressed man with flowing hair and beard appeared, he was carrying a Hasselblad, my dream camera. He said "hello" and son offered him a donut...really son doesn't part with a donut very often, I almost passed out from shock.
After several minutes of swooning over son's newly acquired politeness. I regained my composure.
He and the old man were still talking. the old man the turned to me and said "The light is beautiful today." Clear, sorta unearthly." And he was right. the light was amazing. "On of those days when you can see through time he said." He bowed slightly and walked away.

We rode home in total silence; no music, no talking, no nothing.
After we hauled all of our purchases into the house I stepped outside, and took this photo.

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