Saturday, July 23, 2011

One hot day....

I got up really early, trying to get done picking and then weeding before it got too hot. Lifting back the old curtains I keep on the blueberries to hide them from all but the most clever birds.
Huge , sweet, berries awaited me, also a few spiders and earwigs, still the berries fairy rolled into my hands and from there into the little pail. Well most of them anyway, as berry picking has its own reward.

And there was the moon, at first I wasn't sure, and it was so faint that it took several photos to get a decent one, gotta love that about digital photography, you are only limited by the capacity of your card.

There was something moving about in the bee balm, a butterfly caught in a spider's web, I reached in and broke the web, and of he or she flew.

It seemed as good a day as any for a walk down the path, past the apple tree, which has the sweetest apples, great for applesause, even if it is a little meaty.

There are usually a few spots along the path that are muddy, but not today! Set me to wondering, just how dry was the ground??? This is a small patch dug up along the edge of the garden. Hard as a rock and dry as bone.

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