Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Being caught without a camera

Twice this week I have wished I had my camera with me. Once when 2 fawns came charging out of the woods, paused and raced back. And again today as a huge bird. probably a turkey vulture soared effortlessly above the highway.

It has become too hot to enjoy working in the afternoon sun, however I can still enjoy the trees, soaking up the lush colors and textures, watching the ever changing pattern of light and shade. and just letting my mind and imagination drift along on the few clouds in the soft blue sky.

The trees have been here a long time some since the days of the Civil war, remainders of an orchard planted by someone whos name if it ever was recorded has been lost, each year I thank him or her for the excellent apples, every few years another tree falls to a storm or lightening.
Then there are the huge shade tree, planted in the 1930s, believed to be discards from the CCC Camps, the Civilian Conservation Corps; who came to these small towns during the Depression Era, and some of the just stayed.

I can't help but wonder if trees have memories, they must have something like that. I wonder if anyone will ever know, or in their enormous size and age, they regard the works of man as a mere nuisance, or sheer folly. I would like to think that they look at us with curiosity, and a bit more dignity than we look at rabbits and the other creatures. I fear they think of us a murderers.

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

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