Monday, May 2, 2011

one thing lead to another

Sunday night, I settled into my favorite chair , saying, mostly to the plants, as sleepy spouse was on his way to bed "There is never anything to watch at 10PM on a Sunday night." I turned on the TV and there was "60 Minutes", talking about people making money on 2012 fears, well why not, personally if the world is going to end , well i don't want to be there to watch it. Also i don't want to be one of the survivors who eeks out a pitiful existence for awhile, then gives up and dies in misery and despair. Sooner or later those folks who are paying the big bucks to wall themselves up in Mountains somewhere until after the cataclysm is over will need to come out into the world....and what they find, probably won't be worth finding.
It's all to smarmy balmy vague for me. I mean it is so easy to say the "text on the stone" concerning the events of 2012 "is too badly eroded to read"......well damnation, stop letting the dog pee on it!!! In no way am i belittling the danger of earth being hit by solar flares, or asteroids, errant comets, mysterious plagues, and it is only a matter of time before the Yellowstone and/or
Krakatoa calderas erupt again, the New Madrid Fault breaks or Kumbra Viejo slides into the ocean causing unimaginable tsunamis, there are numerous other things both natural and man made that easily could happen and eventually will happen.
Throughout history there have been many things that deeply altered the world. forever. The burning of Alexandria, and fall of Rome, the "Little Ice Age", the Plague, invention of the gun, steam engines, assassination of Lincoln, electricity, the telephone'; need I go on??
Oh yeah, can't forget the TV and the remote control. I changed the channel to hear a news reader state"people will remember where they were" and that got my attention as scrolling across the bottom of the screen

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