Monday, January 3, 2011

The sun, and rainbows in the flour

The earth is the closest to the sun it will get all year today....sure doesn't feel like it.
Here is a link to a neato site that has all sorts of info about the 'sky show"

It is a cold but sunny day, the kind of bareground day that freezes the ground, which didn't freeze under the thick snowpack we had. This made walking in the garden, or off the path in the wood difficult. Any place where the ground wasn't packed down it had heaved up from the frost and when I walked on it it was like walking on evil pillows.
A Fierce beauty in it's own way
The kitchen is awash in tiny rainbows made by the numerous prisims, some old some new , some plastic, some glass and a couple lead crystal that are hung in the windows.
Rainbows being illusive things, and dependent on the viewing angle don't always photograph well.
But my reckoning this one is some sort of sign.

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

No moon and no stars lightening bugs flicker past watch the sparks of love's song