Tuesday, January 11, 2011

soapbox!!!! again


What a fanciful date.
this year we have

A whole lotta ones, a whole lot of chances to start over. No not by making resolutions. Resolutions are negative, they are about changing what we think is wrong with us.
Note the word think, it does not mean that it is really something wrong, it is something we, or should I say a person thinks is wrong with themselves, perhaps no one around them sees this as being something wrong, but that person who makes the resolution does.
"If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Instead, find things that are positive and good about yourself, let them glow.
Take your light out from under the proverbial bushel, and let it shine.
Don't make lists of what is wrong with you, make lists of what is right with you.
Let them glow, let them grow and pass them on.

my thanks to Kim Mailhot, and Mama Donna.

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haiku~~~left them there

I know it for sure he just left them there, no reason and walked barefoot.