Monday, January 17, 2011

becalmed in a sea of snow

Here we are at the doldrums of winter, it is seriously cold, below 0 most nights, and there is no thaw in sight. Icicles hang from the eves and the days are just starting to get longer, just enough to be noticeable. Christmas and it's excitement is long over and the decorations put away, the house looks terribly plain.
The landscape looks terribly plain, Gia soundly asleep under her blanket of snow. Is not even ready to stir for a few more weeks. I would love to curl up in my softest blankets and sleep until spring.
Some nights and owl can heard, calling for a mate. A stillness has settled on the woods and it is only broken by the wind, and the occasional chickadee. The snow falls and swirls as if it were inside a snowglobe.

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haiku~~~ left unattended

Motherless kittens out looking for adventure, but finding a meal