Monday, November 15, 2010

November thoughts


Autumn is now half over. By the looks of it, all of
nature has died. But looks are deceiving. Though
they appear spindly and bare, trees are very much
alive and vibrant with growth. It is in the dark cold,
in fact, that trees do their most growing. This
expansion is mainly in their roots, which spread out
and expand their reach and capability to provide
nourishment from and for the earth.

Perhaps we should take our cue from our giant plant
brethren. This is a good time for us, too, to dig in for
the duration of the chilly dark season. Time to send
our roots deep down into the soil of our spirit to
steady us and help us draw sustenance from the inner
reaches of our own souls. - Donna Hennes

Yep, that sounds like me but I didn't write it. It was written by Donna Hennes, who wrote "Celestially auspicious Occasions", another one of the books that had deeply impacted my life.

Said so much better than I ever have.
So indeed it is the time to tend the garden of my soul. And it is also the time of year to do, and or finish all off those projects I started or wanted to start. The books I have set aside to read and ponder.
To think and to daydream about other times, live and places, and most imortant to sink my roots into some new ground.

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Miss B said...

This is precisely what I needed to be reminded of today ~B

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