Friday, November 12, 2010

Can't say it enough!!!!

It is often that we enjoy a several days and clear skys and warm days in the usually dreary month of November, and as this will shortly , all to shortly be over I am trying to make the most of it. I am actully trying to think up things to do outdoors.
Raking leaves, well actually raking them out of the woods and using them as compost was on yeaterday's list.
Tempered of course , by savoring the warmth of the day, and the magisterial pattern of bare trees against the sky.

Some days work just isn't work it is more like a prayer, and the lightness of being that comes with it.

I have worked hard, preparing for the dormancy of winter, every muscle aches with the joy of accomplishment and every joint sings of the serenity of being at one with the land. I am giddy with hope and filled with anticipation of Spring. This year for a change, I will be welcoming the dormant weeks ahead, at least for now.

I am " lucky mud" and that is a very good feeling.

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Haiku~~~lighteningbug's song

No moon and no stars lightening bugs flicker past watch the sparks of love's song