Saturday, July 31, 2010

and then it was gone

I was sitting on the steps,in the shade, taking a break from weeding and I saw a bird,
return again and again to a clump of grass near the coal bin.

I watched as the day progressed, the mother returned , chirping, several times.

Nearing sunset i went out to see the little bird again, it was frail and too young to fly, and now silent.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Taking pictures out the car window

The greatest thing about digital photography, at least to me , is that you can take larger number of photos, and then discard what you don't like, Before you print them. One can just point and shoot and hope for the best. Hence taking picture out the car window, just aim and shoot and be

Not that these are great photos, but each one tells a story, sometimes I know the story and sometimes not.

there in the middle of nowhere a covered bridge, leading to a horse farm.

And a stopsign/tagert also in the middle of no where. Just for fun, never thought it would turn out at all.

This looked much better in person, sometimes that happens too.
Isn't the sky blue, today?
And this one, makes me wonder and think.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Waiting for the Man in the Moon

July's full moon, called the Green Corn Moon, Mead Moon, Claiming Moon, Rose Moon, Hay Moon, Thunder Moon, and the Buck Moon is especially low in the sky this year, when it reaches its highest around 1 a.m. Sadly the moon has not been visible here for several nights, but the nights it was it was surrounded by it humidity halo., or playing hide and seek with the storm clouds.
the humidity that cause me to call it the Green bread Moon.

“Man in the Moon” is easily visible. However other cultures see a witch carrying sticks or an old man with a lantern (both English), a woman by a tree (New Zealand), a cook standing over a fire (Polynesia) or a rabbit (China, Aztecs and others). In some parts of Europe they describe a man banished to the moon for some crime, or the Romans sheep thief; the Germans see a man who stole switches from his neighbor’s hedgerow to repair his own. Christians have seen him as a Sabbath breaker banished to the moon, or as Cain, who murdered his brother Able. the dark areas of the face are the Seas of the moon, and are actually lava fields.

"Astronomically speaking, however, the full moon has no actual duration, but occurs at a well-defined instant. The moon is astronomically full when it stands 180 degrees opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. That happens this evening – on Sunday, July 25 – at 8:36 p.m. Central Time (9:36 p.m. Eastern Time, 7:36 p.m. Mountain Time and 6:36 p.m. Pacific Time).

For everyday reference, we can say the full moon lasts the whole night. After all, the moon’s face will be more than 99% illuminated all night long. What’s more, the moon will remain more or less opposite the sun throughout the night."-Bruce McClure

I will be watching tonight as the moon breaks above the tree line, the fireflys will be the twinkling through the finally cool night sky. I can only wonder what "the man in the Moon" is thinking about.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Consulting Summer's Clock

The leaves are so green and lush, and it is really hot and humid,
but I am just not ready for summer to be over.

photo from-

Consulting summer's clock,
But half the hours remain.
I ascertain it with a shock --
I shall not look again.
The second half of joy
Is shorter than the first.
The truth I do not dare to know
I muffle with a jest.
-Emily Dickenson

Thursday, July 15, 2010

couldn't have said it better so i won't even try

is characterized by inner peace. It arises from generosity, honesty and
what I call ethical conduct, a way of behaving that respects others’
...right to be happy.
-Dalai Lama

Sunday, July 4, 2010

too quiet

The only time I notice the traffic is when there is none, It is a very eerie feeling, and asI pause for a moment, "Has the world stopped and no one bothered to tell me?"
Too quiet, for any Sunday, but especially for the 4th of July.

Unlike the cap gun and firecrackers under tin cans I remember,
the curling black coils of carbon snakes light on the cement landing, their stains remand for months even though the first breezes destroyed the "snake". The grown-ups who set of whole rolls of caps, bur wacking them with a hammer, then swore they "would never do that again"
and promptly did when their ears stopped ringing.

Flags flying in every yard, bunting on every store, as we made the trip into town.
there was only one store open but it sold all the wonders of childhood including caps
for my six shooter, sparklers, Roman candles. ice cream, pop, hot dogs...yep everything
including toys.

I should have bought some fireworks.

slightly wordy Slent Sunday on a road

Not every picture is worth a thousand words, but the memory it represents is.