Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Go Home said the Man in the Moon, go home

"Go home said the man in the moon, go home
Go home said the man in the moon,go home
cause it's getting kinda late
and I'll soon turn put my light
Go home said the Man in the moon go home."

I'm not sure who wrote that, I think it was Harry Nillson, but it became a popular lullaby, which it was not intended to be, around my house. And with the full moon fast approaching I look up in total wonder at this light in the sky, and there he is the man in the moon looking down on me and smiling his wistful smile. Thinking to myself, about all the times I hummed or sang those words, and the lullabies of other parents.....and the wonder in the eyes of children when they see the man in the moon. Long before us and long after our time is over.

Before you go to sleep on the night of this full moon, smile back at him.
Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Staking Tomatoes

Today was the day, the sun was bright and the wind was brisk, and the tomato plants were staring to droop under the weight of those little green orbs. It was time to stake the tomatoes. This year I have a mere 35 plants and a few volunteers of unknown variety, but you can almost bet the are some kind of cherry or grape tomato, if one does it right or perhaps its if one does it wrong, you only need to plant them once and they will comeback year after year. Each year I scrounge about looking for whatever stakes I can find, I have used such things as old mop handles and flooring boards from the old veranda, ripped to size. Lately I have had to buy lumber for this purpose and find a dry place to store it overwinter. The birds are singing even the chickadees, which is surprising, as I'm not used to hearing them at this time of year.
The wheelbarrow filled with stakes and my small sledge hammer I'm off, I think this is the mid-point of my Summer , though the weather feels more like late spring. This will be an all day job, there is no sense in wasting this beautiful day. Somewhere off in the distance someone is hammering, and I try to hammer in a rhythm that answers theirs. Once there was an extremely clever or extremely confused woodpecker who answered my hammer blows.
Every now and them there is a weed to pull or a bit of history to pick up, In the forefront of the photo is a flattened thimble, inscribed with the word "sterling"and when I turned it over expecting to see the word silver, I saw instead the word "gasoline".

The stic forrest is back.

Silent Sunday~~~Hedgehog Picnic

thanks Coleman